Friends of Community Main Street

From the beginning, the Friends of Community Main Street have been there for us. They've given generously to help keep the vision of a vibrant downtown alive and growing. We would like to thank our friends for their continued support. As the non-profit organization that works to keep downtown strong, Community Main Street cannot do what we do without you!

Because of the help and support of our Friends, we will continue our efforts to expand economic development programming, promote historic preservation, and sponsor special events that you, and fellow "Friends" will continue to enjoy. This is everyone's downtown and together we continue to make downtown Cedar Falls a wonderful place to live, work and play! 

Thank you to the following Friends for 2020:

Carol and Chris Lilly
Shari McIntee
John Jacobs
Robert Diedrichs
Stan Poe
Jim and Kim Miller
Brad Jacobson
Joyce Coil
David Drenner and Mary Sue Bartlett
Robert Beach
Judith Harrington
Debbie Schemmel
Margaret Willoughby
Jim Gilgen
Stan Poe
Jody Connor
Marietta Thompson
Daryl and Jan Andersen
Ted and Mari Gerdes 
Matthias Landscaping Co. 
Sandy and Tom Benak
Stephanie Clohesy
Gary and Carolyn Chambers
Rena and Greg Raecker 
Jason Mehmen
Jonathan Taiber
Beth Houlihan
Ron and Vicki Collum
Kurt and Shawna Olson
Cinde Haskins
Cup of Joe
Liane Nichols
Farnsworth Electronics
John and Karen Oltman
Jamie and Nikki Wilson
Rick and Libby Vanderwall
Dorothy and Terry Fleshner
Bill and Moria Brown
Magee Construction Company
Carol Brown
Jenny and Brad Leeper
Seth Chadwick
Frank and Lucille Walter
Phyllis Steele
Joshua Beal
Neil and Barb McMahon
Brad & Rhonda Braley
Gretchen & Kim Behm
Amy Bower