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Board of Directors

Goal: To provide in both words and deeds the guidance and direction necessary to ensure that Community Main Street is a leader in the development of downtown Cedar Falls.

Ann Remmert
Pam Taylor President-Elect
Dave Deaver
Brent Johnson Secretary
Gretchen Behm Past-President
Gregg Humble
Ty Kimble
Sheryl McGovern

Susan Abernathy

Ron Gaines
Dave Schachterle  
Jodi Landau  
Dawn Wilson  
Brandon Gray  

Liaison Representatives

Kim Manning CF Tourism
Karen Smith
CF Historical Society
John Miller
County Supervisors
Jane Messingham
Main St. Waterloo
Jeff Sitzmann CF Police
Patrick Gibbs College Hill

Promotions Committee

Goal: To establish the downtown district as a vital, preferred destination point that is the heart of the community.

Lea Ann Saul, Chair
Vicki Collum
Gretchen Behm Brady Gruhn
Mike Reyhons Jamie Wilson
Marcus Kjeldsen
Gretchen Koinzan
Beth LaVelle
Ashley Adams

Organization and Development Committee

Goal: To establish a strong Main Street organization that utilizes a growing number of participants in the implementation and funding of the Community Main Street Program.

Karen Oltman, Chair
Tara Kinder
Phyllis Carter Mare Schmidt
Catherine Mayfield Karmen Schwake
Amy Mohr Carol Brown
Nicole Myszka

Business Improvement

Goal: To strengthen and broaden the economic base of Downtown Cedar Falls, and to position the downtown as a destination point. To enhance and include entertainment, recreation and artistic opportunities.

Dan Beenken
Lisa Rivera Skubal
Barbara Brown Ty Kimble
Jozsef Gitta Michele Smith
Pam Taylor Mark Kittrell
Gregg Humble
Dawn Wilson
Abby Sears Karmen Schwake

Design Commitee

Goal: To develop a visually identifiable and marketable environment through historic building preservation/rehabilitation and streetscaping of the downtown district.

Dave Schachterle, Chair
Julie Shimek
David Sturch Amy Rinnels
Clif Paulsen Thomas Connors
Frank Darrah Daryl Andersen
Dan Tindall Tom Nagle
Don Blau
Karen Smith
Jean Fischer
Mary Taylor
Dawn Wilson