A new year, brings a new look to downtown

posted by on Monday, January 22, 2018

For over 30 years Community Main Street (CMS) has fostered the economic vitality of the historic downtown area. The guidance and support provided to area businesses has helped shape and maintain the downtown area as a community asset. Today, the downtown is home to nearly 160 retail, entertainment, dining, nightlife, and service oriented businesses. When most people think about downtown, they visualize Main Street, but the Downtown District is much, much more!

As part of a strategic effort to better brand the whole Community Main Street service area, including the areas adjacent to Main Street, we have created a new brand that helps tell the geographic story much better and builds a design system for us to better promote the area for everyone's benefit-- businesses, partner organizations, and consumers alike. The new brand is Cedar Falls Downtown District. The new logo is made up of pieces that create the shape of the letter 'D'. The curvy line in the middle represents the unique shape of Main Street and when the parts pull together, it represents the entire service area- as well as tell the story of the parts working together to become something greater than they would on their own.

Community Main Street will not go away-- Cedar Falls Downtown district is in fact just a part of CMS. Community Main Street will continue to use our brand to focus on business development, leadership, and program development while the Cedar Falls Downtown District brand will be used to focus on promotion of geographic area and the events going on in the whole downtown.

With the new encompassing identity of our Downtown District, be on the look out for new ways to find out what is happening in the district. Our newsletter format will be changing with more up to date information in a timelier manner. The newsletter will be divided in two different ones to address the two different communities. We have our business community, which Community Main Street is here to grow and communicate with. We also have our public/consumer side for promotion and district information. To sign up for our newsletter click here! There will also be changes to the hash tags you can search to see what others are doing in our district. Check out #cfdowntowndistrict, #dinethedistrict, #cheersthedistrict, #shopthedistrict, and more! The Cedar Falls Downtown District has many things to be found