Business Feature: Berk's Main Street Pub

posted by on Friday, April 22, 2016

Berk's Collage

Berk’s Main Street Pub is a long-standing staple in downtown Cedar Falls. It was opened November 1, 1989 by it's namesake Mark Berkley. Since then it has changed hands to the current owners, Jimmy Richtsmeier, Mark Showalter and Tony Neal, who purchased the bar June 1, 2015.  Jimmy is the face that you’ll always see when stopping by Berk’s as he has been there for 13 years. Over the years, the welcoming atmosphere, great bar games, and friendly bar staff have remained the number one reasons Berk's has become a staple hang out spot in downtown Cedar Falls. 
When asked what advice Jimmy would give to a new business owner starting out, he was quick to answer with keeping a positive attitude because there will be ups and downs when owning your own business and you just have to keep smiling through it all.
He also mentioned he loves his job because it's different everyday; the people are what make it fun and interesting.
Berk’s Main Street Pub is open Monday through Saturday 2pm-2am at 207 Main Street. Stop by to watch the Cubs or Cardinals and like them on Facebook for details, specials and events.

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