Business Feature: Twirl Boutique

posted by on Thursday, May 19, 2016

Twirl Boutique Business Feature

Twirl Boutique is celebrating their second anniversary on Main Street this month fulfilling a dream that this mother/daughter duo, Jenna Grover and Bonita Davis, had talked about for 10 years. They started small, only having a presence on Facebook and holding open houses for women interested in a different kind of shopping experience. The dream truly flourished from there.  

Where did the name Twirl come from you ask? The youngest of the Davis girls found the following mission on a blog and sent it to her Mom and sister separately and they instantly knew Twirl was the perfect name for their new business:  

“Twirl is the act of pushing off everything that hinders us and dancing through life knowing that we are loved. Loved not because we do everything right, or because we have it all together, but because He first loved us. It's about the heart in knowing we are delightfully and perfectly made, just as we are. Twirl is unashamed dancing. Delighting in our femininity. It’s about accepting God’s absolutely profound love and finding freedom in that. It’s about doing our own thing, not only being who we are, but actually celebrating who we are. It is quiet confidence and graceful presence. Living out our unique talents, seeing the beauty within each of us, and sharing it with one another.”

As a business and a family team, Twirl continues to grow and push the limits of a retail store beyond expectations. Jenna makes most of the children's clothes and scarves that they sell. They have also added two super fun experiences to their store: Twirl Trunk and Wardrobe Innovation. Both of these amenities at Twirl just add to their uniqueness and passion for their craft.  

Twirl loves being downtown, especially for the atmosphere as it is truly a "happening place." They love their customers and the relationships they have built with them as well. That love is definitely a mutual affair as it's clear customers love Twirl too; one customer commented, "Whether you're there for just a pair of leggings or an entire wardrobe makeover, they treat you like a VIP. I adore them and their clothes. They have great fashion sense and cater to all women. I'm grateful to have them as my "personal" stylists!" 

Visit Twirl Boutique, located at 317 Main Street; they truly embody their mission of Twirling.  

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