Main Street Iowa Recognizes Outstanding Achievements

posted by on Friday, May 15, 2015

The annual Main Street Iowa Awards were held on Friday, May 1, 2015 at the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center (Iowa Events Center) in downtown Des Moines. The event to recognize local Main Street projects, activities and volunteers was attended by more than 500 individuals representing communities across the state. Competitive nominations were submitted for 107 projects and activities within the five categories of design, economic restructuring, organization, promotion and overall program. Twenty-one projects received winner awards recognition and nine received honorable mention.

Cedar Falls Community Main Street received the following state awards and special recognitions:

Committee of the Year: Parking Task Force

Committee of the Year: Parking Task Force

Business Assistance Program: Lemonade Day Entrepreneurial Camp

Best Business Assistance Program: Lemonade Day Entrepreneurial Camp

New Construction: River Place MU1

Best New Development: River Place

Volunteer Leadership Development: “Thanks for Being Part of our Crew” Volunteer Appreciation Event

Best Volunteer Leadership Development: Volunteer Appreciation Event

The following eighteen community members represented Community Main Street and accepted the awards:  Mayor Jon Crews, Julie Shimek, Jessica Marsh, Janelle Wilks, Gretchen Behm, Audrey Kittrell, Mark Kittrell, Dan Morris, Dave Deaver, Mary Taylor, Pam & Jim Taylor, Dawn & Aaron Wilson, Laurie & Kevin Watje, Emily Yaddof, and Carol Lilly.

The honors were presented by Governor Terry E. Branstad and Debi Durham, director of the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA). In addition to the competitive nominations, individuals, couples or co-chairs representing the 52 Main Street programs were recognized for their outstanding dedication and volunteer service. Dawn Wilson was recognized as Community Main Street's Volunteer of the Year for her dedication and diligence in working on the Parking Task Force initiatives. The program directors accompanied their volunteers on stage as they received their certificates. 

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