Thursty Thursdays


Date: 12/14/2017

Time: 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM

Location: The Runners Flat

Thursty Thursdays down at TRF certainly don’t shy away from a good time!  Come join us every Thursday night at 6pm down at the store for a coached group workout!  All skill levels are welcome and we love to see the kids out there too.  Workouts vary from short hill repeats to longer marathon pace runs and each runner is given paces for every workout based on recent PR’s. And don’t fret, when old man winter comes along we will head inside to the UNI Dome for some stellar track and stair workouts to keep you fit all winter long.

…and now for the best part!  Every Thursday following the run, join the crew at SingleSpeed Brewing for beer, food and conversation. A $5 one time donation (half to the food bank, half to the humane society) gets you a green bracelet which then gives you ONE FREE BEER every week after the run. Not a bad deal right?  Hope to see you soon!