Get Elf'd for Holiday Hoopla

This is a fun fundraiser by the HooHerd of Holiday Hoopla. Each year this group gets together and does a fundraiser to raise money for the month long Holiday Hoopla festivities in the Cedar Falls Downtown District. All the events are free to the public and a chance to truly celebrate the holidays in the downtown district, in a unique way that you just won’t find in any other community. Not only that but this year we will be celebrating year #10. Can you believe Santa has been coming for nearly 10 years?

What is being Elf’d?  A friend of yours nominated you to have these holiday red and green darlings fly into your yard.  The Elf Technicians corralled this flock of flamingos in the dark of night.  It was a lot of fun and the elves appreciate your support!

The Elves will return between 8-9 pm tonight to remove the flock. If you would like to suggest a friend of yours to be flocked, feel free to pass along a name.  Though, due to approaching colder temps, the flock will soon be flying south so they may not land in all yards this year.   Flamingos can be very unpredictable birds!  

Any donation is appreciated.  This elfing is done in good spirits and not meant to be mean.  The HooHerd works hard every year to bring Cedar Falls the best possible Holiday Hoopla experience. The HooHerd hopes you enjoyed being flocked as much as they enjoyed delivering it. 

Nominate your friends today!

I nominate the following to get Elf'd