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  • House Bolton Arcade

    110 Main Street
    Cedar Falls, IA 50613


  • Oster Regent Theatre

    103 Main Street
    Cedar Falls, IA 50613



    Welcome to the Oster Regent Theatre, home of the Cedar Falls Community Theatre. This is a hip, fun and happening place to be for live performance in the Midwest. Great plays are performed live on stage throughout the year.

  • The Space

    109 E. 2nd Street
    Cedar Falls, IA 50613


    The Space functions primarily as an art and music venue while also hosting poetry and fiction readings, clothing swaps, amateur yoga and most recently, a mix-tape exchange and potluck. 

Why do I volunteer?

"We have a gem in our downtown area, with diverse restaurants, places to celebrate, service businesses and wonderful places to live & shop. The biggest personal reward for volunteering with Community Main Street, is knowing that you are helping to keep the heart of Cedar Falls alive & healthy!"

Gretchen Behm
Retail Committee Member
Promotions Committee Member